7 Best Water Purifier in India Under 10000 (Latest Updated Review)

7 Best Water Purifier In India Under 10000

Are you looking for the best water purifier in India under 10,000? You will be flooded with huge options to choose from. Water is life and we can’t live without water a single day. But, the pollution has taken a big troll to the water as well. And this is why water purifier has become important stuff for every family.

There are many types of water purifier available equipped with different technologies, including UV, UF, RO, etc. While UV is the very basic one, RO technology is the best of all that purifies very hard water. So, you must be confused actually to choose the best one under 10,000. Don’t worry as we are here to help you out.

We have curated a list here of the top best water purifier in India. So, have a read.

Best Water Purifier in India Under 10,000

1. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF 6 Litres Burgundy Water Purifier

Best water purifier in India under 10,000

If you are looking for one of the cheapest yet high technology equipped water purifier, this will fit your budget best. This water purifier from aquaguard is a very simple and beautiful looking one that comes with RO+UV+MTDS technology. Also, it is equipped with other exciting features like smart energy saving mode and voltage fluctuation guard. More about this water purifier is explained here.


  • This water purifier comes with dual water purification technology RO+ UV.

  • The TDS range is 500 ppm-2000ppm. So, you can be assured to drink exact purified water. It can purify hard water perfectly from borewell, tanker and mix water.

  • It has a 6 litre water storage tank from which you can dispense water anytime without electricity.

  • It is equipped with the smart energy saving mode which automatically turns off the power when the tank is full.

  • Another exciting feature is the voltage fluctuation guard.

  • It consumes 45watt.

Every small thing comes with their advantages and flaws. So, this one too is not an exception. The pros and cons of this water purifier are listed below.


  • It purifies the water in 6 stages.

  • Voltage fluctuation guard

  • Power saving technology

  • Affordable

  • Simple and beautiful design


  • It does not have any water indication level

  • Small storage tank

  • No alert indicators

2. Kent Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier With Detachable Storage Tank, Blue

Best Water Purifier Under 10000 in India

This is another good water purifier in India under 10,000. If you do not require the high purification technology RO, then this is the best water purifier under 10,000. It comes with UV and UX technology which is able to remove all kind of impurities including contaminants and microbes. The 7 litre storage tank is enough for a family. So, you can easily consider it buying if RO is not required by you. Other features are explained here.


  • This water purifier is made from ABS grade plastic which makes the stuff durable enough.

  • The dual purification technology is able to remove all kind of impurities.

  • The 7 litre storage tank is enough for a mid-sized family.

  • It is equipped with a filter change and UV fail alarm which is a great feature to mention here.

  • It also has an anti-leakage facility to prevent water wastage

  • It is fully automatic. So, no need of any intervention.

  • This water purifier from Kent comes with a built-in SMPS system which helps it work in diverse voltage range.


  • This water purifier comes with double water filtration technology

  • It does not require any external voltage stabilizer

  • The 7 litre water storage tank is highly helpful

  • The storage tank is detachable

  • It is affordable by all


  • It does not have any RO technology, so it is not suitable for borewell and tanker water

3. Havells Active Plus UV Water Purifier (Free-namr Stainless Steel Water Bottle-hot & Cold 24hrs)

Water Purifier Under 10000 in India

Here is another excellent water purifier available in India that comes under 10,000. This water purifier comes with UV and UF technology to offer you healthy and safe drinking water. But, it does not include any RO technology. So, if you do not require RO, this can be a great 8-liter water purifier to buy. More about the purifier is described below.


  • Here water goes through double purification process UV purification and UF membrane. First water is purified through the UV purification process and then UF membrane removes all the impurities to offer healthy drinking water.

  • The UF membrane offers crystal clear water by removing all the dirt, organic, bacteria, cysts and inorganic polymer molecules.

  • 5 stages of water purification is a great feature that ensures you will drink safe water.

  • The revitalize process restructures the final water molecules to make it more biologically active. This finally helps in hydration and mineral absorption.

  • The flow rate is 30 liters per hour, which sounds excellent.

  • The power rating is 25watt.


  • The big 6-liter tank is perfect for a mid-sized Indian family.

  • It has a very compact design that can be installed in a wall. You can also keep it on the table top.

  • It is highly affordable.

  • 5 stage purification process.

  • No wastage of water due to the RO technology


  • It does not come with RO technology.

4. Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF (1, White)

Best Water Purifiers in India Under 10000 for Home

LivPure Glo is another affordable water purifier available with latest technology equipped. This one comes with RO+UV along with the mineralization technology added. This technology ensures that the vital minerals stay intact in water to enhance quality. So, this water purifier is embraced with three technologies to offer you quality and healthy drinking water.


  • LivPure Glow is equipped with RO+UV+mineralizer technology. So, this is best for borewell and tanker water.

  • It has a big 7 litre storage. The tank is made of high-quality food grade plastic to enhance purity.

  • It can provide up to 12 litre of water per hour.

  • Water goes through 6 stage water purification process here


  • It has RO+UV+Mineralizer, all three technologies

  • It has a 6-stage water purification process

  • The mineralizer technology adds back the required minerals to make the water healthier

  • The tank is made of high-grade food grade plastic


  • The after sales service is a bit difficult.

  • Again you need to wait 2-3 days for the installation process

5. Aquatec Plus Advance Plus 12Litre RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier (White And Black)

Top Water Purifier Under 10000 in 2019

This is a great water purifier from Aquatec Plus which is quite a very new company in India. But, you can be assured of the quality. They are very new in India and this is the reason they are offering feature rich and technology rich water purifier at a very cheap rate.

You will get everything starting from RO, UV, UX along with TDS technology under 10,000. The TDS technology is really very helpful that can handle a TDS level of 2000 which sounds excellent. Aquatec Plus has added this feature in their water purifier to ensure that you can drink less salty hard water. More about this water purifier is described below.


  • It comes with so many filtration technologies such as RO, UV, UX and TDS to offer healthy drinking water.

  • It can handle a TDS level of 2000.

  • It has a big 12L storage tank which is perfect for a mid-sized family in India

  • The filtration rate is 15 litres per hour.


  • It has a very stylish and modern look

  • Excellent features and advanced technologies are enjoyed at a cheaper rate.

  • The maintenance cost is very low as you need to change the cartridge only once a year which is very economical.

  • It has a bigger storage tank


  • If you are worried for taste then this is not the one for you, as you do not have any control over taste.

6. HUL Pureit 5 Litres Classic RO + UV 6 Stage Water Purifier, White

Water Purifier in 2019 Under 10000

This is one of the great water purifier from HUL which comes integrated with 6 stage water filtration process. The 6 stage filtration processes are pre-sediment filtration, pre-RO carbon filtration, post carbon sediment filtration, RO membrane, UV filtration and finally the post RO carbon filtration. The RO technology along with TDS and UV convert extremely hard water into soft water to make it highly healthy. The storage tank is of 6 litres, which is enough for a small family of husband wife and children. The TDS controller can control the TDS level of up to 1800ppm. All the equipped technologies altogether remove all the contaminants, dissolved minerals, and microbes to the 90% accuracy.


  • It comes with RO+UV+ TDS technology

  • Water goes through six stage long filtration process to make it healthy

  • Taste is maintained at the best.

  • The TDS controller is able to handle TDS level of up to 1800 ppm

  • It has a storage tank of 6 litres

  • Voltage fluctuation guard ensures life to the water purifier

  • The tank is made of high-grade food plastic


  • Equipped with the latest technology at a lesser price

  • It has a very sleek and modern look

  • It comes with one year warranty

  • Free and hassle-free installation

  • Affordable


  • It does not include any alarm system for anything

7. Ruby RO+UV+TDS Controller Water Purifier

Buy Best Water Purifier Under 10000

If you are planning to buy one of the cheapest RO water purifier that with come with all the needed and advanced technologies, then this can be the best choice for you. It consists of several filtration steps including carbon filter, pre-filter, sediment filter, minerals filter, UV filter, UV dis-infector, etc. So, water is purified completely to make it safe and healthy for drinking. The best part of this water purifier is that it comes with a big 12L storage tank. This big storage tank at such lesser price is really a great thing. This is definitely one of best water purifier in India under 10,000 INR which comes from Aqua Phoenix.

The features of this water purifier are listed down here that will give a broader view of the purifier.


  • It includes a micro-sediment filter which perfectly removes all the dirt, dust and sand particles.

  • The carbon filter does its job at the best by removing the chlorine, and other chemicals. It also removes odor and color to convert the hard into perfectly soft water.

  • The composite RO membrane removes all the poisonous particles such as sodium, calcium, fluoride, mercury, copper, chromium, etc. It is also able to process 75 gallons of water per day.

  • The UV filter destroys all the bacteria, viruses and other particles to make the water healthy

  • Finally, the minerals cartridge adds back the needed minerals to the water.


  • It comes with a big 12L storage tank

  • Water goes through six stage purification process

  • The water purifier is also equipped with alarm system

  • It comes with one year warranty

  • Finally, this is the cheapest of all other water purifier mentioned above.


  • If you are worried of the look, then this is not for you.

  • Another con is the after-sales service. You need to contact with them well ahead as they are not available always.

These are the top 7 best water purifier in India under 10,000. All the water purifier mentioned here are equipped with the latest technology RO that is able to convert the hard water into drinking water. RO technology is really costly but when you are getting them under 10,000, it sounds really great. All these technologies are perfect for borewell and tanker water.

The filters are also equipped with TDS and other latest technologies to ensure that you are drinking the quality, safe, tasty and healthy water.